Sunday, February 17, 2013

Shout Out Sunday 7

Inspired by other crafty blogs that host link parties and share other blogger’s work, I’m going to be sharing some of my favorite crafts and recipes featured by other bloggers (and give them a Shout Out!).  Every Sunday, I will round up a handful of my favorite blog posts that I’ve come across and share them with you, my awesome readers.  Want to be featured?  Send me a message with your blog link and as long as there's something inspiring, I’ll pick out a favorite post to feature!

Yikes,  how has yet another week passed?!  This year is flying by!  Although I haven't had time to write a tutorial about it, I have made a couple more Nuka Cola bottles inspired by the video game Fallout and took a few progress photos along the way so I can make a mini-tutorial.  My favorite part of making these bottles is creating the faux grunge and distressed scratches.  I'll have to do a full tutorial sometime, but I have been getting prepares for a Las Vegas trip to celebrate my mom's 50th birthday so I have been busy busy!  Forgive me for the blog being so quite!

Back to the Shout Outs:

How to Upholster Barstools by The Shabby Nest
There are so many reasons I love this project!  I love the fabric selected, the wear on the original barstools, and the tutorial makes it seem so simple to do!  I love projects that reuse old furniture or items to give them a new life instead of tossing them out and buying something new.  Great project!

Refrigerator Airplane Banner by BasicGrey
I can hardly stand the cuteness of these little airplanes!  And the PARTY bunting and pokadot clouds are just way too awesome!  I love everything about this and although I won't be sticking magnets on our stainless steel fridge, I really want to make one of these and put it in a frame on the wall!  Way too cute and the tutorial is easy to follow!

DIY Bottle Lamp {inspired by Pottery Barn} by What Hopes & Dreams are Made Of
I love this and if you look at the bottom of the post, she altered it by making the jug look like mercury glass!  I love both options, but I am drawn to the simplicity of the photo above.  I have a jug just like this, but I don't think I am brave enough to drill glass yet.  I love how this one turned out and the lamp shade fits the jug perfectly!

DIY Copy Cat- Pottery Barn Clock by Kara Paslay Designs
I love this clock and think it looks way cooler than the original Pottery Barn one!  I absolutely love the split in the wood disc and how between 6-8 it looks darker to give it more of a rustic feel!  The tutorial looks very easy to follow, I just need to find my own wood disc with a split in it so I can make my own!

Crochet Hearts by Little Rays of Sunshine
I have never tried to crochet and it really intimidates me, but these are way too cute and have a huge variety of different uses.  I love the idea of using them for Valentine's Day decor or adding them to hats or barrettes. These are just way too cute!

As always, make sure you visit the original blogs and show them some love!

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