Friday, January 4, 2013

Newborn Subway Art

One of my cousins just had her first baby, so I put together a quick Subway Art canvas for them for Christmas!  This is a great project and is relatively quick to put together.  The most time consuming part is the graphic design and making everything fit on your paper size.

Below is a quick tutorial, but it's really a simple project so I'll show the steps via photos.

For this project, you'll need:
  • ModPodge of your choice (I used matte)
  • Brush for ModPodge
  • Canvas of your size (I used 8x10, which is convenient for printing on a home printer)
  • Printer (laser jet works best, ink jet is okay and what I used, but let the page sit for a while before ModPodging to help prevent ink smear)
  • Photoshop or other Computer Program to design subway art (or contact me in my Etsy shop and I can create a custom design for you - see here)
  • Paper cutter (I used an Xacto knife for a precise cut - and managed to leave my finger intact this time)
  • Baby stats of your choice: Name, Birth Date, Birth Time, Length, Weight, Hair Color, Eye Color, Birth Location (City and/or Hospital) and you could add a Photo or a Custom Quote (such as "Gift from God", "Sweet Baby", "Baby Boy", Future Cougar, Etc.)

Paper trimmed to size and everything ready to go

Add a layer of ModPodge to your canvas - try to make as even as possible to avoid bubbles
Add your printed sheet on the wet ModPodge on your canvas, apply another layer of ModPodge over the entire paper.  Be careful to not smear the ink!  If you go over the paper too much, the ink will start to smear (if you used an inkjet printer)
Let your canvas dry and you're done!
This is a very easy project and was fun to design!  I'm hoping my cousin loved it and I really want to make some more, but I'll have to wait until I get a request for a custom order, or until someone else close to me has a baby.  I think making one for a girl and adding a layer of glitter with pink and purple text would be way too adorable!  If you want to create your own custom Subway Art but don't want to design the layout yourself, see my Etsy shop where you can order your own custom design!

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    1. Thank you!! I think if I make another one, I'd like to also include a photo of the baby in the background.

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    1. Ha! I wouldn't wish that kind of shame on any newborn! (Only kidding.. but I DID go to WSU so I have to have some sort of harsh retort) :P

  3. Adorable! Thanks for linking to my link party! :)