Sunday, January 20, 2013

Shout Out Sunday 3

Week three of my new blog feature!  Inspired by other crafty blogs that host link parties and share other blogger’s work, I’m going to be sharing some of my favorite crafts and recipes featured by other bloggers (and give them a Shout Out!).  Every Sunday, I will round up a handful of my favorite blog posts that I’ve come across and share them with you, my awesome readers.  Want to be featured?  Send me a message with your blog link and as long as there's something inspiring, I’ll pick out a favorite post to feature!

Anthropologie DIY Ruffled Lamp by Mom Advice

I love that this is more rustic looking than the Anthropologie lamp.  I like the larger ruffles and how it looks like it has more fraying.  The Anthro lamp looks to fussy to me, and this one looks awesome and would look great with some rustic decor.

Custom Confetti Cards by Aunt Peaches

Use a CD envelope with a viewing window to make a card where the confetti moved around over the picture.  I love this idea, and since my mom's birthday is coming up, I might need to give this a try!  I don't have any CD envelopes, but I'm sure I can find something around here.. if I can find the time.  I love this idea, and the cards with photos are way too cute!

Edible Sugar Lip Scrub  on How Does She

Homemade, all natural with simple ingredients, and with natural fruit dyes, what's not to love?!  My lips are in really rough shape due to the cold weather, so I need to give this a try.  She makes it look so easy and has excellent results!

Dollhouse Sneak Peak by Todd Lindsey

I am so in love with how this looks and I would love to have one of my own!  The attention to detail is amazing and I am seriously in love with this.  If I had a kid, they would totally have something like this.  Since I don't have any kids, I think the kid in me needs something like this or that I need to make one for when my niece visits.

Simple Wire Wrapped Pendant Tutorial by Inspiration Cafe

I have just started getting into jewelry making.  Okay, so the extent of my jewelry making has pretty much just been making Scrabble Tile necklaces, but I'm trying to expand my jewelry making skills and try new projects.  This tutorial is easy to follow and I love how the final necklace has a nice clean and modern look.  I like jewelry that makes a bold statement but doesn't have a whole lot going on (Less is More!), and this turquoise pendant is perfect!

Another Sunday with a hodpodge of unrelated projects, but they're all wonderful and I hope you visit each one of their blogs and give them some love.  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Thanks SO MUCH for the awesome feature! :) This made my weekend!

  2. Thank you very much for featuring my pendant Kristi, such a lovely surprise xx Nat