Thursday, December 6, 2012

A Glittering Waterless Snow Globe

After seeing MJ Ornaments' Anthro Inspired Snowglobe post, I was in love and decided I had to give it a try.  The patterns can be found here.

+Wide Mouth Mason Jar with lid - I used pint, but use whatever size you want (Wide mouth is better)
+Cardstock or very thick paper – I like the clean look of white, but any color will wor
+Colored paper for windows – I used yellow colored printer paper
+Diamond/Glass glitter – regular glitter will stick to the sides of the mason jar and make it impossible to see inside

+X-acto blade and cutting mat
+Metal ruler for cutting guide
+Hot glue gun
+Paintbrush for glue

Start by cutting out your house on cardstock.  Either print the plans directly onto the cardstock paper or use the plans as a guide to lay over the blank cardstock below.  You can use the free templates located at Big Indoor Trains, but I will be making my own template so keep an eye out for a later post sharing the additional building shapes!

When you have the house cut out, make sure you have all the windows cut out and glue some yellow or translucent paper behind the windows.  This part is optional, but makes it so your glitter doesn’t go inside the house.  Then glue together your house by using the instructions.

Add a light layer of glue to the exterior walls of the house with a small paintbrush (I used plain elmer’s glue) and then add a dusting of the glass glitter and let it dry. 

Depending on your mason jar, this step is also optional.  My jars have a lip on the bottom that makes it so you can’t see the bottom part of the house unless it’s raised up on some sort of platform.  I created my platform by adding globs of hot glue and placing crushed seashells on the hot glue (small pebbles would also work).  Press down on the crushed seashells to make them stay. 

Glue the house to the bottom of the mason jar lid (or on top of your raised platform).  Add a handful of glass glitter to the bottom of the mason jar then screw the lid (with house attached).  Now the waterless snow globe is finished and ready to share or display proudly in your home!  I like the look of the church since it is vertical and fills the mason  jar, although I made the building a wee bit too big.  

Below was my first trial that wasn't too successful.  The house is way too small and doesn't fill the mason jar's height and it's too low in the mason jar and is partially obscured by the lower portion of the jar.  I do like the look of the house though and I'm loving the bleached trees I found at my local craft store.

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