Saturday, December 1, 2012

Rustic Reindeer Plaque

I found really cute wooden reindeer silhouettes at Michael's and loved the Rustic touch of the metal holly near the antlers so I picked up a couple to play with. I'm loving the rustic and shabby chic decor styles, so I thought it would be fun to use a really dark stain on this and paint the holly with some red and green mixed with a dark brown to make it just barely stain the metal.

I used a Walnut color water-base stain since that's what I had on hand and inexpensive acrylic paint. I chose to use a cheap brush I was going to throw away since I wanted to give it an uneven stain that looked a bit blotchy, but I ended putting multiple coats on the face so I should have used a better brush.

 I started by lightly brushing on the stain but I wasn't really liking how it was turning out.

 I added more stain to the head of the reindeer and I liked that look a lot better.  I left a light streaky coat on the antlers so they appear lighter. 

Holly with Walnut stain
Holly with acrylic paint mixed with Walnut stain
I also painted a coat of the stain on the metal holly accent so I could mix with paint to give the red and green of the holly a brown vintage tint.

 I painted the sides of the antlers with the same walnut stain to give it a border if you look at it from an angle, let it dry then hung it from the wall.  Overall I'm happy with how it turned out, but I may do some further tweaking to add a bit more green to the holly and distress the wood and add imperfections to make it look even more rustic and old.


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