Sunday, December 9, 2012

Snowman Poop with Free Printable

I have seen a few different Snowman Poop examples and printables, but I knew I had to design my own since I've been trying to find more reasons to do vector drawings so I'll get more familiar with the program.  This one didn't take long since it was just an outline, but it was still fun to put together.  Since it didn't take long, and it's not long before Christmas, I'm providing the printable for free so you can print at home and make your own Snowman Poop gifts!

Print on cardstock or heavy paper
 I printed in black and white since I wanted to use paint to make the orange of the carrot pop and have a little 3D texture.

Optional: use paint to color in snowman noses

This is going to be a fun coworker gift and I might have to stuff it in everyone's stocking this year to get a good chuckle.

Gather supplies: tags, clear bags, stapler, and marshmallows or your "snowman poop"
Fill the bags then fold the top over and staple the label on
Some options for snowman poop are to use mini-marshmallows (what I'm using), white tic-tacs, or any white-chocolate covered treat, but you can use cotton balls, pom-poms, or Styrofoam balls if you don't want it edible.  It may be helpful to staple the bag closed before adding the label so it is more secure.

The poem isn't my own creation; I found a sample poem online and edited it a little bit.  I drew the snowman though!  I love the rough outline that makes it look friendly yet mischievous 

When you print the PDF, you probably want to fit to scale to make sure parts aren't clipped off due to the printer margins.  You will need Adobe Acrobat or another PDF reader to view the free printable.
Download Snowman Poop Tags in PDF format

Post a comment if you have used my printable and let me know who you think has been naughty this year and will be receiving some Snowman Poop!  I would also love to see some photos of your final product!

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  1. I don't know how to us your printable. I did the download & it still want allow me to print the image. Can you Help!